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•TIANJIN YAGUANG TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is a technological innovation unit with scientific and technological research,product research and international trading, our  company has 6 academicians come from Chinese academy of sciences and Chinese academy of engineering, 11 the provincial and ministerial level experts and Technology talents.
• Our product includes stable isotope series products,radioactive isotope  series products, fluoride series products and special gas series products. We  have radiation safety permit, operating licenses for hazardous chemicals, kosher and Halal certifications and successfully finished  FDA  pre-registration and got DMF certification.
• Our company won more than 20 awards of National Invention Awards and the State Science and technology progress awards and 340 provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards. Based on the stable isotope and fluoride series products, services for international and domestic markets, our products are available around the world , our company has became the operating entity with strong research ability and first class quality products.